Alysa Levi-D'Ancona is the author of the chapbook An Absurd Palate (Querencia Press 2023). Her writing has been featured in Blood Tree Literature, Caustic Frolic, Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself, Cream Scene Carnival Magazine, Querencia Press, Occulum, Stone Pacific Zine, The RavensPerch, Clamor, The Crow, and Tulip Tree Press.

She received her undergraduate degree from Lawrence University in 2014, where she majored in Italian studies and English as well as minoring in creative writing. Levi-D'Ancona received her Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell in 2023. Levi-D'Ancona partakes in reading series around the Seattle area.

Levi-D'Ancona teaches high school English by day and writes during every other waking hour. She was born in Trieste, Italy, grew up in Chicagoland, and now lives in Seattle with her husband and two cats.

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She has been in love with storytelling for as long as she can remember. Liminality, surrealism, burlesque, absurdism, and speculative fiction are the pepper of her pages; cats, coffee, cooking, hikes, and blankets are the salt of her earth.

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"Pabular Phones"

Scavengers Literary Magazine

November 2023

"One of Those Days"

Blood Tree


June 2023

"Like Water to Oil"

Cream Scene Carnival


May 2023

"The Fin of a Bird"

Caustic Frolic

May 2023

"Everything is a Dog, But Worse"

Alice Says Go

Fuck Yourself

February 2023

"Palate Cleanser"

Stone Pacific Zine

December 2022


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"My Body Is"

Tulip Tree Press

September 2021

"I Anymore"

Querencia Press

January 2023

"Legos and Cinder Blocks"

Querencia Press

January 2023

"Nocturne Recipe for Rebirth"

Querencia Press

January 2023

"Nonno's Shoes"

Querencia Press

January 2023

"molasses traps"

Occulum Journal

November 2022


Clamor Journal

June 2022

"The Passed Down War"

Clamor Journal

June 2022

"Blanketed Reincarnation"

The RavensPerch

February 2022

"The Burlesque Genre: Ephemorality in a World Full of Pinochet Plushies"

University of

Washington Libraries


"Deconstructing Realism: Narrative Authority, Straddling Liminality and the (Non)Fantastical in Restorative Poetics"


June 2022


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"Italian dining, as any foodie knows, is a sacred art-one designed to bring the diner to a place of utmost satisfaction and well-being. Laid out like an extravagant ten-course feast, Alysa Levi-D'Ancona's An Absurd Palate pairs poetry and story in mouthwatering combinations menu of beauty, humor and grace. And, like all great meals, you're left bursting with joy and hungry for more."

- David McGlynn, author of

One Day You'll Thank Me

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"Alysa Levi-D'Ancona's An Absurd Palate is about your pleasure, readers. Pleasure in the materiality of language, pleasure in daydreams, pleasure in narrative, and she takes pleasure in creating an offering for us. It's radical because this book is about pleasure without guilt or any other silly judgments--it's about fullness and abundance, and that's a damn good gift. Thank you."

- Steven Dunn, author of

water & power

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"An Absurd Palate presents the reader with a rich and rigorous menu that is by turns intoxicating and decadent, tracing a course from aperitivo to digestivo that promises to fill us to bursting. Levi-D'Ancona invites us to ruminate on language itself, training our taste buds to savor both 'carmine chicharones' and 'jellied sand.' These poems and stories nourish the reader's appetite for strangeness--taste and see."

- Amaranth Borsuk, author of

The Book



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Belltown Art Walk

    • Lush Bar - Seattle
    • 2231 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
    • Friday, October 13th, 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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